2015 Update on El Camino School Project

Progress continues on the construction of the El Camino School. They have completed the third floor and added the roof. The success of this project is due, in part, to the generous donations to Pinnacle 20/20 Foundation and passed on to the school. There are currently 80 children enrolled in El Camino School from kindergarten to grade 3.

We received a generous donation of woodworking tools. They fill about ½ to 2/3 of a shipping container. We would like to fill the rest of the container with donated items. Suggestions include medical tools and equipment, wheelchairs, beds, dentistry and optometry items, clothing, toys, computers, books, educational supplies and teaching aids. We are also looking for a farm use all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for use by the Foundation workers and local staff to facilitate work on the hospital, school, and organic farming projects. Additional farming tools and add‐ons to the ATV would be useful. We request that if you know someone who would like to donate these items, they may contact Tanya Gerber at info@pinnacle2020foundation.com. We also need about $7,000 to $8,000 to ship the container. Again, please contact Tanya to arrange donation of the necessary items or funds.

Powerpoint of Honduras Project


Check out the introductory video above.  In January, 2014, we introduced and launched the Pinnacle 20/20 Foundation at the national conference of Pinnacle Wealth Brokers (PWB).  This is a short version of the presentation made by Darvin Zurfluh of PWB and partner in the Pinnacle 20/20 Foundation.

Pinnacle 20/20 Foundation Launch

Do you have the heart of an Adventurous Philanthropist? Pinnacle 2020 Foundation Logo - for light background - FINAL

WEALTH is more than money. It involves BALANCE and FULFILLMENT. It reaches beyond the present to impact the LEGACY that you leave behind.

The Pinnacle 2020 Foundation was inspired by the vision to reach the PINNACLE of our personal and professional lives by helping others achieve personal growth and success – to give a “hand up instead of a hand out” through education, training, equipment, and job creation.

Darwin and Tanya Gerber and Darvin and Kim Zurfluh partnered together to build the Pinnacle 20/20 Foundation through which we can funnel the talents and resources of our friends, agents, co-workers, and clients, allowing us to “give back”.

In addition to what the shareholders and employees contribute, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers donates 2.5% of its net profits to the Pinnacle 20/20 Foundation

Many people want to respond to a need, but don’t know what to do, how to get involved, or who to trust. Our work is open to you. Feel free to come with us and see exactly what is being done on your behalf. Work alongside the people. You can even donate your expertise to train people with marketable skills.

We invite YOU to partner with us. Broaden your legacy by planting and cultivating seeds of hope, relief, and change in the lives of others, and in yourself. 

To learn more, please contact info@pinnacle2020foundation.ca or visit the full Foundation website at: www.pinnacle2020foundation.com.

Interested in participating as a Founding Sponsor? Please contact us to learn more.